Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mdc T Limpopo District mourns President Tsvangirai, pledges support for Chamisa


MDC Limpopo District, South African Province, joins the rest of the world in mourning President Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, who passed on, Wednesday in South Africa,  after a long  battle with a brutal cancer of the colon.

He was a warrior, a fighter, and a champion of social justice.

 Africa has produced many iconic leaders before, but Save Gwizi Rukuru as he was affectionately known stood head and shoulders above all of them. 

His contribution to the birth of democracy in Zimbabwe should never be underestimated. 

For over 2 decades, he  fought authoritarianism and misrule to the core. And history has it bare. He was fearless and yet strategic.

He managed a very crisis situation in our motherland, created by years of misrule and plunder , without resorting to war.

 Given the high level of oppression of the majority, inequality and injustice in Zimbabwe, the need to resort to war is highly tempting and inevitable.

But Save chose peace insteady, leading him to form the Government of National Unity with other leaders in 2009, where he and his team performed with distinction.

 Given this background, he will be remembered for ever as a champion of peace and social justice.

We have lost a leader. We have lost a father. We have lost our liberator! Oh my lord!

 We however take solace in what he taught us and we promise independence in our life time.

We equally pledge our undivided support to Acting President Chamisa as he carries the legacy of our departed leader. 

May His Dear  Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

MDC T Limpopo District, SA Province.

Chair Person: Cde Clemence Chari.