Thursday, February 22, 2018

MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa on denouncing political violence


The death of MDC-T President has left a big mark in Zimbabwe's politics and beyond. Indeed Dr Morgan Tsvangirayi was a great man who brought in democracy in a country where one party state has been the order. Tsvangirayi always preached peace and unity amongst his supporters.

There is a challenge ahead of political violence being perpetrated by rogue MDC-T supporters which be solved. The events which occurred in Buhera at his burial leaves a lot to be desired. Supporters should desist from violence and it must be condemned with the strongest terms it deserve.

Whilst the country is hungry for a Moses to help them cross the turbulent waters, violence on the other side has shown its ugly face in one of the most strongest political party in Zimbabwe.

Factionalism and tribalism within the party has been a cause of concern and previously caused splits. If the problem is not quickly solved it will hinder the prospects of the party winning any election in Zimbabwe.

The violence skirmishes against Hon Douglas Mwonzora and Hon Thokozani Khupe in Buhera is something which has been brewing up for a long time within the party. There are some unrepentant young people who are being used to fan violence in order to achieve their political goals.

Many groups and individuals believe that their political systems will never respond to their demands and then resort to violence to intimidate. As a result, they believe that violence is not only justified but also necessary in order to achieve their political objectives. Similarly, these political factions believe that beatings will change things and into acquiescence.

The assailants labelled Dr Thokozani Khupe as a "dissident" and was told to go back to Matebeleland. There is need for national healing within Zimbabweans if we are really serious of solving this tribalisti hegemony.

This has become deplorable and we cannot tolerate it as a country. A high delegation of European observers will be in the country soon to observe the harmonised elections and this will not paint a good image to the country. Nelson Chamisa must act like Amalinze the cat who was the best wrestler in Umofia and was unbeaten by champions.

He has to show his biting teeth and denounce violence. He must whip this rogue and thuggery behaviour into a modern day civilised entity. The perpetrators must be positively identified and get arrested. This kind of Boko haram and Al- Shabab Islamic terrorist behavior should not be given any room to manifest. Zimbabwe is a peaceful country and we should maintain the status qou.

Nelson Chamisa has all what this generation is looking for. A young and charismatic leader. He must be brave enough to carry the burden on his shoulders left by the late Morgan Tsvangirayi. He must unite the party, remove that clique of tribalism, racial behaviour. He has a lot of work to fix before the election time. Factionalism is real. We saw factionalism creating serious divisions in Zanu PF during the Gamatox era where President of NPP Dr Joice Mujuru was fired from Zanu PF. Last year President Emmerson Mnangagwa survived another sacking which in turn turned to the sacking of G40 by team Lacoste.

There is need to draw lessons from these two political parties, that they must retire if their term is over. Clinging on to power will always result in factional fights and leadership wrangles. Robert Mugabe overstayed in power and he has to be thrown out. Morgan Tsvangirayi also could not relinquish until he died. MDC-T is terribly divided because the three Vice Presidents all want to take over the leadership hence all these misunderstandings.

Unfortunately this is also a sad indictment on Morgan and his sometimes flawed decision making. He should have passed the baton to someone else much earlier once he knew he was terminally ill or at least he should have resigned and called for a leadership contest within the MDC. This is yet another example of leaders hanging on too long even when they are wounded. This Nelson Chamisa's take over is a result of a lack of proper succession plan within the MDC-T. It is sad that his burial was marred with violence.