Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mr President, charity begins at home - NPP

Revolutionary greetings comrades. Charity begins at home, it doesnt begin at the neighbour's house. A good father will first ensure that he solves his family matters and make his family happy before pleasing the neighbours. He puts the welfare of his family first. A father who puts the welfare of his neighbours first is no father at all, he is not worth the name. You can not leave your family unhappy with a heap of problems and then present it before your neighbours as a very wholesome family, free from problems.

The case in point is Mnangagwa's official visit to Botswana leaving Zimbabwe with a multitude of  problems. He presents Zimbabwe as a haven and a citadel of democracy and constitutionalism. What is even more troubling is the way Ian Khama received him. Mnangagwa was treated to a grand welcome ceremony that included the playing of the two countries national anthem, full military honours, a 21 gun salute and traditional perfomance. This was a nak*d celebration of the death of democracy in Zimbabwe and Africa in general. The event staggered the final nail on the coffin of democracy and constitutionalism, with a bold message: REST IN PEACE DEMOCRACY AND CONSTITUTIONALISM. 

It is public knowledge that Mnangagwa is illegitimate and will do anything and everything to legitimise his administration. He has embarked on a journey to sanitise the coup that dethroned his political god father, Mugabe.  The heroic treatment he received in Botswana speaks to the legitimisation of Mnangagwa as the Zimbabwean President. It further confirms that African politics is bathed in corruption and unconstitutionalism.

If a coup is an unconstitutional endeavour, why is SADC, AU and UN silent about it. Their silence speaks volumes about political ethics in  Babylon.  This is degeneration of African politics.  If political criminals are accepted in the committe of nations, one wonders who is fooling who. True, African politics is guided by the rules of the jungle, only the fit survive. 

Mnangagwa is trying so hard to impress the outside world yet at home he is concealing dictatorship of the stinking order. He is the master of chicanery  and the god of hypocrisy. He is a replica of Mugabe whom Ian Khama abhors and detests. Mnangagwa graduated with flying colours from the school of Mugabesim. He wholly subscribes to Mugabeism. What is surprising is how Ian Khama associates with a man whose ideology is 100% similar to that of his enemy? Ok, i guess Ian Khama only distrusted Mugabe's age not his policies.

As NPP youth we unapollogetically condemn Mnangagwa's visit which seeks to impress the outside world yet his domestic policy is dictatorial and diabolic. As we speak, he has planted his soldiers in rural areas to terrorise his opponents and influence the electorate to vote for Zanu Pf. He has embarked on an orgy to punish all his opponents. Posa laws are still in place and people and organisations are required to report to police for meetings of any flavour and magnitude. We condemn his dictatorial domestic policy and his attempts to paint an attractive picture about Zimbabwe and his administration to the outside world. Charity begins at home, he must first reapeal Posa and work on electoral reforms before acting as a champion of democracy and constitutionalism. Dear
Zimbabweans, let us hold our leaders accountable and punish those who take us for granted in the balot box.

Victory is certain, alluta continua.
NPP National Youth spokesperson 
Khulani David Ndhlovu