Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Old school lifestyle cafe opens in ghetto

Arts CorrespondentNew upmarket BBQ Solomons Lifestyle Café opens in the ghetto. The ghetto is often seen as a place for anything that’s riff-rough or run of the mill.
However, not everything you find in the ghetto is shabby. In fact there are hot spots for revelry and affluence here and there as seen at the recently opened Solomon’s Lifestyle Café Chisanyama.
Located along Willowvale Road next to Glen View Home Industry, the Solomons Lifestyle Café is as good as any other sought-after upmarket BBQ place in town. While Sundays are usually laidback and meant for family outing, this is the day that Solomons Lifestyle Café comes to life.
The show has been dubbed “The Old Skool Lounge & Open Air BBQ in the ghetto”. Men and women from all of walks including those from northern suburbs turn up at the hangout for two things . . . old skool music and merry making. What would music be without a few drinks? This is what happens on a Sunday when some of the sought after old skool DJs in the likes of Otis The Flow Fraser, Kudzi Marudza, Tich Mataz and Tendai Chakanyuka serenade music lovers non-stop.
The DJs who come as guests will be on rotation every other weekend to give revelers the very best in old skool classics.
The resident DJ Kennedy Masawi aka Kaycee the Gigmaster always makes sure there is a variety at the joint and each Sunday is different from the previous session.
“Sundays are designed for the mature crowd to come after church and avoid the hassle of cooking in the afternoon and opt for BBQ. The environment is quite ideal for those that want to enjoy food and drinks in a hassle free atmosphere while listening to Old Skool music coming from Zimbabwe’s finest and most celebrated Old Skool DJs. “Most if not all the DJs are renowned broadcasters,” Masawi said.
He said Solomons Lifestyle Café (Chisanyama) was a new joint meant to bring class to the ghetto people.
“We (are) simply taking class to the people who used to travel across town for such joints and entertainment. And so far it has been absolute magic . Not only are well heeled fans coming but also from around the area partaking as the service is first class,” Masawi said