Monday, February 19, 2018

Politburo approves new Zanu-PF regalia

THE Zanu-pf Politburo has approved the party's new regalia expected to appeal to the majority of its members, the party's secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu, has said. In an interview, Mpofu said there was enthusiasm in zanu-pf ahead of the forthcoming elections, with some expelled members applying to be readmitted into the party.

zanu-pf decided to come up with a new party regalia after its ex-President and former First Secretary Robert Mugabe was replaced by President Mnangagwa in November last year. Mpofu said designing of the new party regalia had been completed and members would be advised of the launch date in due course.

"The Politburo has come up with the designs and these designs will be launched soon," he said. "The approval has been made and the launch will be done at a later stage. The regalia will appeal to the majority of our members. It is quite a well thought-out design, which I think all of us will be happy with."

Mpofu said party officials aspiring to hold public offices should not start campaigning, as they had not been given the go-ahead to do so.

He said officials should mobilise members, for the party and President Emmerson Mnangagwa to win the elections.

"We will soon be coming up with guidelines for those party aspirants that would like to participate in the primaries," said Mpofu. "We are not saying that they should campaign for themselves, but they should do so for the party. They should be mobilising the people for the party and the President."

Mpofu said the party's district and provincial leaders should be seen on the ground telling the people about a rejuvenated zanu-pf .

"They should be telling people that this is a new look zanu-pf which came as a result of developments that took place a few months ago," he said. "We have a rejuvenated party after Operation Restore Legacy addressed most of the things that people were not comfortable with.

"There is quite a lot that is happening in the party and there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. I receive letters everyday, people who had been expelled or suspended coming and submitting themselves to the party. They are coming and are not making a secret about it."

Mpofu said those seeking readmission were not asking for posts, but to be ordinary cardholders.

He said their chances for readmission were very high as President Mnangagwa was an accommodative person.

"The President is a very accommodative person, he says let bygones be bygones," said Mpofu. "He wants zanu-pf to reorganise itself and go for the harmonised elections."