Monday, February 19, 2018

War vets mourn Tsvangirai

Zanu-PF secretary for war veterans Victor Matemadanda has paid tribute to MDC-T Mr Morgan Tsvangirai for his contribution to the development of politics after Independence. In an interview last week when he visited the former Prime Minister's residence in Highlands, Harare, to pay his condolences, Matemadanda said as war veterans, they recognised Mr Tsvangirai as a fighter for democracy in the country.

"I came here representing war veterans and ex-detainees," he said.
"We recognise Mr Tsvangirai's efforts in creating a democratic nation. It is unfortunate that he has left us, but President Emmerson Mnangagwa has already begun creating a democratic Zimbabwe."

Matemadanda said President Mnangagwa's love to create a Zimbabwe that is democratic and peaceful was seen when he visited Mr Tsvangirai at his house recently.
"We have seen President Mnangagwa coming to see him, and that was a sign of his commitment to create a democratic and peaceful Zimbabwe," he said.

"It is unfortunate that Mr Tsvangirai is no longer with us.
"The visit of President Mnangagwa was significant because he showed the nation that he was a true leader, who wanted to make sure that every Zimbabwean, despite his or her political affiliation would live in peace."
Matemadanda said the nation lost a person, who fought tirelessly in bringing former President Robert Mugabe to accountability.

"We might come from different political backgrounds, but he was a man who loved to see a developed country," he said.
"The current President will, however, fulfil that as he has already done a number of notable things towards building a free and fair Zimbabwe." Matemadanda said when he last met Mr Tsvangirai, they discussed the need for a free and fair election.

"He wanted a free and fair election and that is what President Mnangagwa is lobbying for," he said.

"I want also to thank President Mnangagwa on behalf of the war veterans for giving a State-assisted funeral to Mr Tsvangirai."