Monday, February 26, 2018

Zimbabwe military takes over ZEC

Zimbabwean Executing Commissions are being run by the military.

It has been disclosed by the Blue Ocean Document that 78 out of the 97 Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) employees are members of the Zimbabwe National Army.

Wikileaks revealed that this comes in the wake of the underground tactics of the Military Intelligence Department which has been the secret behind the Zimbabwean Elections .

"83% of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission are commissioned military officers. 62% of the Judicial Services Commission is comprised of the ZNA military intelligence.  100% ownership of shares of the Zimpapers Group solely belong to the ZNA," said Wikileaks.

"The State Procurement Board has been recently diluted by the ZNA Militia following it's recent appointments. This has brought world attention as to whether the new dispensation that came about through a military coupe in Zimbabwe is there for the People or for the interest of the ZDF."