Friday, March 9, 2018

Zanu-PF has no supporters, only victims

Ax Zipra war veteran Max Mkandla has claimed that the ruling Zanu PF party has no supporters but victims of its coercing and abuse.

"We present here a special case of a psychological condition called Stockholm syndrome. Many people have often wondered why Zimbabweans, particularly those in near destitute states continue to pledge undying allegiance to the ruling political party which is sorely responsible for their suffering. Some citizens who have somehow managed to keep a level head have even in some cases seen these poor victims as fools and proceeded to insult or even at times to take time indulging in arguments trying to make these individuals see the light," said Mkandla.

"However, we present here that such a light is not easy for these victims to see. They have subconsciously entered in to the survival mode for oppressed people called the Stockholm syndrome. They actually need love support and lots of counselling."

He said Stockholm syndrome was formally named after hostages in a bank robbery in Stockholm.

"The hostages in this robbery, due to the dire extent of their suffering and the extended period of their imprisonment developed the bizarre love for their captors. Even after being rescued, these victims refused to testify against their captors in spite of the great harm that had been done on them. A similar case has played up in Zimbabwe where the régime running the country has plundered and ruined the country and served for 37 years as the face of the people's suffering. The régime has used a brutal carrot and stick approach to reward and punish citizens so that many of the victims have started to perceive allegiance with it as a way to survive," he said.

He said evidence of this is seen in that the victims have taken to praising the leaders for any minor semblance of doing their jobs.

"They have since learned to overlook the pertinent fact that these office bearers are well rewarded for even some work they have completely failed to fulfill. For instance, the country has seen a first lady running an orphanage and being awarded a PhD for doing so. As we review another PhD may be in the offing as another first lady is taking pictures with hapless patients at the now defunct public hospitals. In Stockholm syndrome, these futile acts are considered as humane and even heroic. The victims forget to realise that these heroes are actually responsible for their current state," he said.

"Further evidence was seen in November 2017, when multitudes went to the streets to rally behind the army generals who were in the process of unseating a dictator they had publicly propped up for many years. Psychologists say that people in a captive state wish to identify with their captors so that they can minimize their suffering and increase their chances of survival. Indeed, some victims in positions of influence have benefited from this. Some have continued in vain to vent support for the régime on public platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp in the hopes of being identified and rewarded. Some have given this support in order to reduce their high hopes of unseating the régime for fear of being heartbroken in the end."