Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tinago prophesied Manyuchi’s curse

Mukudzei Chingwere
LEGENDARY boxer Langton “Schoolboy” Tinago claims that he warned Charles Manyuchi, when he was still an amateur, that his fighting style would not take him far.
Last week, Tinago revealed how he warned Manyuchi against fighting “without a guard” more than a decade ago.
“I first watched him fight when he was still an amateur, I think it is the year he turned professional if I am not mistaken,” recalled Tinago.
“He came at Farmile Motel here in Gweru with (Edison) Zvobgo Jnr and I told people who were there, even his promoter, that this boy was good but needs a bit of coaching to improve his fighting style.
“I could tell from the first minute that he did not have guard. After he turned professional, I never had a chance to give him advice.
“I am surprised that his trainers in Zambia did not address that anomaly. When Manyuchi attacks an opponent, he really does well but when he is on the receiving end, it’s a disaster.”
Manyuchi is struggling to get his career back on the rails after losing the WBC silver welterweight title to Qudratillo Abduqaxorov of Uzbekistan in Singapore nearly a year ago.
The Zimbabwean was floored in just two minutes 56 seconds amid accusations that he was careless, attacking his opponent without paying attention to his defence.
For Tinago, that defeat was not shocking at all. “I was not surprised when he lost last year in that manner because his approach was bad, it has always been bad.
“That defeat pained me a lot because something I highlighted to his camp 10 years ago haunted him, it denied him the chance to continue as champion.
“The boy had a chance to be as good or even better that me but now faces a tough road back to the top,” he said.
The former Commonwealth champion reiterated that he remains ready to help local boxers.
“If Charles had come to Gweru for training, even a month before his fight, he could have won the match, I know his weaknesses and could have helped.
“I am not saying the boxers must dump their coaches for me, they can even come for a few days with their coaches here and I will help them for free.
“I cannot stand by and watch Zimbabwean failing to be champions when I can offer them one or two pointers,” said Tinago.