Tuesday, June 19, 2018

UK Ambassador Fingered In Electoral Rigging Claims

The British Embassy has stoked a social media after it posted that it has got access to a consolidated voters' roll ahead of contesting political parties and candidates.

Posting on the mission's official twitter handle, @UKinZimbabwe the embassy said their "team was able to obtain a searchable copy - in Excel format - of the voters' roll from @ZECZim offices in Harare this morning.

"It took about two hours, but we came away with a disc."

Zimbabweans reacted angrily to the post with @albertmachinda asking "What nonsense is this? How do you obtain the roll when candidates are failing to? Are you running in this election," he said in a response directed at the embassy.

@JoramMubaiwa said it is weird that the embassy got the voters' roll ahead of locals.

"This weird. Anyway these guys are always on the wrong side of history. Always," he said.

One @mafaro35 said it is clear that the Zimbabwe Elections Commission does not have a relationship with the citizens.

"Trying to force relationships will never work. It is clear ZEC has no relationship with the general Zimbabwean population. All parties should withdraw from this election and allow ZEC , Zanupf and @UKinZimbabwe to chart the way forward on their own."