Friday, July 13, 2018

Mbare has a choice between the old (Tendai Savanhu/ZANU PF) and the new (Starman Chamisa/MDC Alliance


By Cde Gore
Mbare is one of the oldest suburb in Harare if not in Zimbabwe. It depicts a city that has been neglected for so long with dilapidated infrastructure, crime, social decadence.
The area has potential to be turned into a business hub, cultural hub as various drawings are dotted around the constituency. It has one of the biggest stadium (Rufaro Stadium) in Zimbabwe which is home to one of the most followed team in the land Dynamos.
Mbare comprise of Nenyere, Matapi, Mbare and Tagarika flats and other residential areas. Just a stone throw from the CBD, the area tells visitors a different story. Garbage is found everywhere within the constituency, overcrowding is the order of the day be it in the home industry area, residential or Mbare Musika.
Mbare is a clear sign of the failures of central government of which Hon Tendai Savanhu belongs to. What boggles the mind is that he and his party are seeking a fresh mandate to continue with the old ways of underdevelopment and neglect of duty.
The white minority regime managed to build the flats in Mbare and the black Zanu PF government failed a simple task of maintaining the flats. Residents live in squalid conditions which expose them to diseases like typhoid, cholera and some diseases linked to sanitation problems like TB and Asthma.
As an exploitation tool for election purposes the Zanu PF government failed to give title deeds to the residents so that they can keep on threatening them with eviction. Surely how can residents be made to live in fear 38 years after the country gained independence it shows how heartless the regime is.
Those who work at Siaso are made also to support Zanu PF. The culture of entitlement, there is a thinking within Zanu PF that this country is their private property.
Residents of Mbare have got a chance to redefine their future by associating with the new in the name of mdc alliance. The new offers opportunities to the people. Those working in the home industries will have a chance to turn their home industries into fully fledged industries with capacity to supply their products to the whole country.
In terms of sanitation and other ancillary services MDC led councils will be under the microscopic eyes of President Chamisa Nelson. The state of housing will be looked into as residents live in sub-standard houses that were not meant for the population currently inhabiting the flats.
Mbare has to vote for the two energetic councilors in ward 3 and 4. In terms of the Member of Parliament Starman Chamisa is ready to lead the people of Mbare. President Chamisa Nelson is the real deal as State President.
Behold the new #ChangeThatDelivers