Sunday, July 15, 2018

Zivhu urges traders to forgo travelling

Zimbabwe Cross-Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) president Dr Killer Zivhu has called on all cross-border traders to forgo travelling on the eve of the harmonised elections scheduled for July 30 and only ensure that they do so after casting their vote.
Members of the association, who also include vendors, are currently distributing flyers meant to emphasise the importance of the plebiscite.
Speaking on the sidelines of the “Vote First before you Travel” campaign launch at Exor Service Station along Masvingo-Beitbridge Road on Friday, Dr Zivhu, who is also the outgoing Chivi Rural District Council chairperson, said women made up the bulk of cross-border traders; hence, there was need for them to appreciate the importance of the Women’s Bank that was launched on June 25
“We are reminding all cross-border traders that they should not travel outside the country on the eve of an election on July 30, as we urge them to wait and cast their vote first,” said Dr Zivhu.
He said there are about 2,5 million cross-border traders, mainly women, whose votes were crucial in determining the future of the country.
“I know our members would want to cash-in on the end of the month, as business improves at this time, but I am making a humble appeal that they should vote before going out.
“We all know our President is a tried and tested leader who has improved the lives of cross-border traders in a number of ways, within a short space of time, since becoming our leader . . .
“Recently, he officially opened a women’s bank, opening lines of credit for our members who are mainly women.  “We have over 2,5 million cross-border traders in the country and that number is significant in helping Zanu-PF win convincingly if all cast their votes,” he said.
He said flyers bearing messages on the importance of the July 30 harmonised elections and why they should vote for President Mnangwagwa were also distributed in neighbouring countries.