Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cyclone Hit St Charles Lwanga High School To Be Relocated

The ZANU PF government has announced plans to reconstruct and even relocate schools in Manicaland province, that were damaged by Cyclone Idai.
This was revealed by Deputy Education Minister Edgar Moyo who said a total of 87 schools were damaged in the province, one such school being the Catholic-run St Charles Lwanga.
Moyo said: “We also have St Charles Lwanga which was one of the schools that was affected and they have also requested the ministry to relocate the school.
“However, that is still in the process, we can’t say they are already relocating but they have expressed the desire to relocate officially.
“And that alone is an indication that some schools would want to relocate or even some people in different villages would also want to relocate to new places.”
The government has set aside $4 million dollars for the schools. It is estimated that school infrastructure worth $10 million was damaged by the Cyclone Idai.