Sunday, March 17, 2019

Dewa Mavhinga Disappointed By Link To Walter Mzembi Plot

Dewa Mavhinga
Human rights and political activist Dewa Mavhinga expressed disappointment with the association to an alleged plot to oust Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government from power.

The alleged plot was first reported by state-controlled daily newspaper The Herald today. The report claimed that former minister in Mugabe’s government Walter Mzembi has roped Mutumwa Mawere and Dewa Mavhinga to assist him in isolating Mnangagwa regionally and internationally in order to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

Tweeting his displeasure, Mavhinga said:
Paranoid Herald Zimbabwe has a false & malicious article about me in a fabricated Emmerson Mnangagwa Government ouster. [Editor] Tichaona Zindoga you have my number, give your reporter to check with me first before slander. Shame!😡

Today, an alleged WhatsApp conversation between Walter Mzembi and Mutumwa Mawere was leaked on Twitter (we posted the conversation here). In the conversation, reference is made to a Dewa. Mawere suggests that Dewa had been sent some messages that he needed to go through and Mzembi says Dewa’s participation is key in making an issue topical in the US politically.
Mavhinga, however, says he is not mentioned by surname in the leaked chats so a conclusion cannot be made that he is the Dewa referred to.

where do the so-called plotters say Dewa Mavhinga? @HeraldZimbabwe threw in my name, how they assumed any mention of Dewa means Dewa Mavhinga l do not know. Where did that come from??? No right of reply??