Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mliswa Goes Ballistic over Norton Woman He Claims Sired A Baby With Killer Zivhu

Norton independent legislator, Temba Mliswa has taken his fight with Zanu PF legislator and land baron Killer Zivhu to another level after posting a picture of a woman he claims sired a baby with the former Chivi council chairperson.
Mliswa said Zivhu used the woman in question, who is the Norton Town Council Engineer to have his paperwork for stands processed while he got extensions.
“When we argue about corrupt individuals its not that we enjoy making unnecessary noise but the nation is suffering due to corruption and such people need to be unmasked as we continuously push for justice to take its course. I have accused @KZivhu before, it wasn't empty noise.
“As i promised to bring the V11 here is Norton TC Engineer Maramba who sired that baby boy with @KZivhu. Zivhu used this illicit affair to have his paperwork for stands illicitly done, she gave him extensions and has allowed for houses to be built under power lines.