Friday, March 29, 2019

Social media reacts angrily to Mutodi’ s MDC rants

Social media users have reacted angrily to Deputy Information Energy Mutodi’ s claims that the MDC A is lying about the partisan distribution of aid to people affected by Cyclone Idai in Manicaland.
See some of the responses below:
Marvellous Tate Kasaway:Yes it’s very much practical hey, the equivalent of going abroad to import a loaf of bread. You spend $100 to get a dollar’s worth of aid. I call that organic manure brains, you know the variety derived from livestock, in particular horses or donkeys.”
Evans El Njinja:”
What is his level of education?. This is so embarrassing for a nepotism appointee to blabber so much and everyone will start asking questions. “
Thompson Chimhanda:” People died when he was out ,you’re busy hiring expensive jets when the country has got no medicine.”
Anita Karen Jones:”
EDiot only included this fool in government because he is his biggest bootlicker. Otherwise Mutodi is brainless.”