Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Two attractive ZRP female police officers make waves on social media.


‘Ndisungei Zvangu!’-Zimbos Offer Themselves Up For Arrest After Hot ZRP Female Officers Break Social Media With Selfie

The duo’s selfie  which landed on social media and had most contemplating to offer themselves up for arrest to the two women.
“Ndisungei zvenyu n do as u like imi two mapurisa”  (Just arrest me and do as you like with me ladies)”
“Icamp ipi iyi vandisunge havo (where are they based, I would like them to arrest me)”
“Ummmm ndoda kusungwa navo hangu ( I would really love for them to arrest me)”
“I’m guilty miss officer”
“Awa vanotonditsvaga ndine mhosva vosvika hawo ndichigeza (I won’t even try to flee should they come to arrest me)”