Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Video: Looting Of Cyclone Idai Food Aid By ZANU PF

Just as the nation continued its struggle with the cyclone Idai crisis for which the ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa has proclaimed a 2 day moaning for victims, his own officials have been caught on camera taking away food aid delivered by a helicopter.
The crime scene is a bushy chopper landing spot in Chipinge, our source tells “Do not take zanu-pf lightly when they tell you that their strongholds are in the rural areas, don’t mess with them because this is exactly what they mean – food aid,” they continue.
In the below video, as a white helicopter touches down, a very long queue of 4 x 4 party trucks have already arrived up to fill up their … with the food aid. The food stuffs are mainly mealie meal packs donated for the cyclone survivors.
Towards the end of the footage it becomes apparent that the helicopter will make several trips and until perhaps all the trucks are filled up. While the quantum of food aid taken away inside these party tracks is not clear, our source continues to explain:
“When you hear at election time the government talking about assisted voters, this is what they mean – all this food aid is being taken to only registered voters. Those who are not on the list of recognised individuals will not receive anything. This is how it is done,” our source continues to explain.
“The registered voters are told that if they do not comply they will be struck off even social welfare benefits. This includes food handouts.
“ZANU PF will not allow you to deliver food aid to the victims. They order you to send it through the district administrator. The DA will then contact the chiefs and the ZANU PF leadership, and the chiefs are not the ones who draft this list, it comes from the ZANU PF chairperson.
“This has been the system since the year 2000,” our source concludes.
ZimEye reveals that the individuals named behind this scheme are: Provincial Women’s League Chairperson, Dorothy Mabika, Provincial Vice Chairperson for Manicaland Province, Tawanda Mukodza, the National Secretary for Finance Youth League, Thasin Dube. Efforts to obtain a comment from ZANU PF headquarters were impossible at the time of writing.