Friday, March 22, 2019

Who does this? Biti Attacks Mnangagwa

Outspoken MDC A deputy chairperson Tendai Biti has lambasted Emmerson Mnangagwa’ s government for failing to implement emergency response programmes to save citizens’ lives.
“Natural disasters are unavoidable but their impact and damage can be limited. It is a question of disaster management that includes preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. The regime was not ready for

CycloneIdai .Schools and roads ought to have been closed. This one should resign,” said Biti.

“We are in a national crisis because of crises of governance. More than 150 of our people have died as a result of ##cycloneidai and more than 300 are missing . Yet the regime does everything in its power to prove it is not fit to run the country . Who does this?”