Sunday, March 31, 2019

You Kill A Black Brother,you Kill Yourself – Malema

Julius Malema has called for ANC president to withdraw reckless statements over foreigners in South Africa.
Economic freedom fighters president calls for ANC president to withdraw statements that he issued over foreigners which have cause some unrests in the country in some areas
Speaking at a lunch time meeting CDE Malema said we want to remind south Africans that for us to enjoy fruits of today it was help of other countries Nigeria  where school kids contributed money to fund ANC and Zimbabwe  where the likes of president mbeki where exiled and Mozambique  and Tanzania , ANC used to have an office in Tanzania .
As EFF we call for peace and unity xenophobic attacks are uncalled for it is a criminal offense to attack a black brother in my government.
In my African world there is no what is called a work permit we are going to have an African union ID and African union passport which will only state that you are a southafrican
'Stop killing yourself if you kill a black brother you are killing yourself.'