Sunday, March 24, 2019

ZESA forced to reduce power generation: CEO

ZESA Holdings has revealed that the parastatal has come up with measures to deal with low water levels in Lake Kariba as a away of ensuring consistent power generation and cushioning the country against regular electricity supply
Zesa chief executive officer Patrick Chivaura revealed that the company has been forced to reduce power generation when the demand for electricity is low.
Said Chivaura:
Definitely, it will have an impact because our power supply situation is dependent on the availability of internal generation at Hwange Power Station, Kariba Power Station and small thermals (Bulawayo, Munyati and Harare), and, above all, imports (from the region.
In January, we were sitting at over 22 billion cubic metres of water and this was reduced by the end of January to 19 billion cubic metres.
That translates to something like 490MW. But as of now, it has been reduced to 445MW because we were allocated 18 billion cubic metres. That is an average (power generation) figure that we are talking about.
So, we can generate 445MW continuously, but that is not exactly what we do. We take care of our peaks (peak period of demand) during the morning and in the evening, but that (445MW) is just the average we have been given by ZRA.