Thursday, April 25, 2019

Another gloomy outlook for 'Online' Zimbabweans as ZOL Data charges go up

ViewsZOL sent a message to its Wibroniks clients. Read below:

Dear Valued Customer,

This serves to make you aware of our revised data allocation for Wibroniks Top-Ups and the Wibroniks Unlimited package pricing effective 1 May 2019. As with the case with all of our products and services, you have the option to pay in US dollars.

The 5gig Wibroniks data plan which cost RTGS $15 will start to be going for RTGS $29. Previously, there wasn’t a 30 gig data plan/allocation but from next month it will be there and it will cost you RTGS $89 (RTGS $89 is currently the price of a 50 gig data plan). Also, you will also have 20 gig data plan which is priced at RTGS $49. Currently RTGS $49 is the price of a 25 gig data plan. For folks who don’t have much moola to spend more than RTGS $20, you can choose the new 3 gig data plan which will cost you RTGS $15 (RTGS $15 is currently the price of a 5 gig data plan).

If you don’t want to suffer another shock of yet another RTGS $ price increase, then you better use the US Dollar pricing, which I suspect will continue to be where it is for a relatively long time. Of course, you’d have to check with the prevailing informal market rate of RTGS $ to US Dollar to determine what’s the cheapest means of paying for your Wibroniks subscription.