Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Command Agriculture leaves out youths, women

Farmer Organization have said the government sponsored Command Agriculture programme should include youths and women who constitute a larger percentage of the Zimbabwean population.

Research findings presented by the Zimbabwe Land and Agrarian Network (ZiLAN) on the command agriculture program show that the programme did not consider the young people and women and called upon government to ensure their inclusion.

Pauline Chibvuma, a coordinator at ZiLAN said: “The structure of command agriculture is blind to the needs of women and the youth.”

She said very few women and youths benefited from the land reform program that saw hundreds benefitting.

Chibvuma said just like youths, women did not have land entitlements thus making it difficult for them to access inputs.

Women constitute 50.09% of the Zimbabwean population and the youth constitute 67.7%.

Farmers however applauded the Command Agriculture scheme citing its convenience in the provision of both inputs and a ready market.

“The farmers were happy with this program regardless of the challenges that they faced with the program. The program is helping them with ready markets, extension services as well as inputs. Now the farmers no longer have to crack their heads on where to get inputs as each farming season approaches.” Chibvuma said.