Tuesday, April 30, 2019

ED, Zanu PF on the offensive against Chamisa’s character

At a time when the constitutional court, Luke Malaba judgement report is still to be produced, ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa has little oxygen left, he has to rob someone for it.
Earlier in the year, Mnangagwa’s message portrayed in several state media headlines, was: Nelson Chamisa has to be replaced by a mature leader.
The economy is crying to be told who the real President of the country is, because 
after piles and files of corruption beginning with the electoral one (filmed on ZBC TV), Mnanagwa has failed to convince that he is legitimate.
Chamisa’s fiery spokesman, Dr Nkululeko Sibanda speaking to ZimEye.com reveals this plot.
“It is very clear that the Malaba verdict which declared Mnangagwa the winner of the 2018 elections, has no figures to support it” and Justice Malaba even said so of the elections of which Mnangagwa deployed the army to shoot people in order to change election results as according to the full ZBC broadcast 8 months before (on the 15th Dec 2017.)
Earlier in April 2019, Mnangagwa possessed one window of opportunity, which was to sponsor someone inside the MDC party who can replace Chamisa. The only person back then was Chamisa’s long-time nemesis, MDC Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora. But after all 13 provinces voted unanimously for Chamisa as evidenced at the weekend, there is still some window for Mnangagwa, which is to build a cloud of criticism that will result in the MDC splitting. The method to be deployed is that of aggressive subversion against Chamisa’s character, portray him as a dictator, and someone unsuitable for leadership office.
It is hoped, this will serve the necessary bomb blast effect to de-legitimise Chamisa as the real elected MDC President.
As of yesterday, three groups had emerged, one led by former MDC councillor, Warship Dumba, another led by so called disgruntled MDC candidates for Bulawayo, and another operating on social networking, website, Twitter, labelling Chamisa a dictator. On Monday there was a hot volcanic build-up on social media against Nelson Chamisa’s character as a trusted leader. He was criticized even for basics such as the powers the MDC constitution (left by the late leader Morgan Tsvangirai) give him. Instead of people attacking the Tsvangirai constitution, they were up in arms with the man who is still to be announced the elected MDC leader.
Through all these events, Mnangagwa’s loud message to Chamisa is very clear, ” it’s not over until it is over.”