Sunday, April 14, 2019

Govt to allocate ZWL310m each to provinces for decentralised development

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that RTGS$ 310 million has been allocated to each province in order to ensure decentralise development.
Speaking during a special interview to commemorate Independence Day coming this week, Mnangagwa said that each province will have the liberty to decide their development priorities and spend the money accordingly.
Said Mnangagwa:
“We have put some money, which is around RTGS$310 million, which translates to a huge sum that is given to each province to deal with priority areas which they themselves as a province, as a locality, as local communities, think are priority in their area; hence, the Government thinks globally over the entire country and says we think this is a priority in Manicaland, this is priority in Mashonaland East, this is a priority in Mat North, but the people in Mat North themselves if given a budget, they have priorities different from those structured or crafted by central Government.”
The 2019 Independence celebrations have the official tagline  “Zimbabwe @39: Embracing Devolution for Vision 2030”