Friday, April 26, 2019

In the spate of price hikes Minister says fuel price is there to stay

Government has dispelled as unfounded widespread media reports claiming that a fuel price increase is imminent.

With widespread speculation on various media platforms, government has emphatically come out and dismissed the reports.

Minister of Energy and Power Development Honourable Jorum Gumbo ruled out an increase in the prices of petrol and diesel.

While calling for responsible use of social media, Minister Gumbo urged Zimbabweans to rely on authentic information from formal sources.

“Social media is good, at times they inform us but at times they inform us on wrong things. They have been issues that have been going around on social media in causing alarm to say that there is going to be change in fuel prices in the country. Government is not changing the fuel prices.

The fuel prices are there to stay for now. There is no reason we are changing at all. So people should not panic, they should just ignore what is being said on social media,” he said.

Minister Gumbo indicated that government is concerned about the lives of people hence is putting a lot of efforts in addressing the recent increases in the prices of basic commodities.