Sunday, April 14, 2019

Nurses demonstrate against suspected abuse of office

This week some nurses at CCH abandoned the wards and took to the car park to express their displeasure with the health facility’s principal nursing officer, Ms Miriam Mangeya. The nurses are accusing Ms Mangeya of nepotism and abuse of office.

They allege that during the second round of cholera vaccination, the principal nursing officer roped in unqualified staff members such as general hands to administer the cholera vaccine.

The hospital was required to second 62 people to participate in the cholera vaccination campaign and 10 of those selected are not qualified nurses, according to the demonstrators.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has a policy which stipulates that only qualified medical practitioners are allowed to administer medication, and if any members of staff are to assist during campaigns they should only do so as support staff.

Contacted for comment, Ms Mangeya denied the allegations saying she has been carrying out her duties professionally and selection of personnel who participated during the cholera vaccination campaign was done above board.

Another senior official at the hospital, clinical director Dr Patrick Dhliwayo is also being accused of harassing staff members.

It is said the Ministry of Health and Child Care has received letters of complaints against Dr Dhliwayo, one from a nurse and another from a tutor at the hospital’s school of nursing. When contacted for his side of the story, Dr Dhliwayo accused journalists of writing malicious lies and accused those who authored the letters which were sent to the ministry of peddling falsehoods to advance their agenda.

Efforts to get a comment from the Ministry of Health and Child Care were fruitless with the officials who are said to be in possession of the letters saying they will only be able to respond during working days.