Friday, April 12, 2019

Zanu PF activists charged with public violence

FOUR Zanu PF activists in Masvingo, have been jailed 15 days each after they recently went on the rampage barricading roads and demanding transport operators who ply their route to reduce fares.
The four, Trust Chiturumani (37), Shepherd Jimu (28), Iyvone Jeke (35), Mashoko Buranda (34), all from Sipambi village under chief Charumbira escaped a custodial sentence after Magistrate Langton Ndokera gave them an option of paying an RTGS$100 fine.
The activists were charged with public violence as defined in Section 36(1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.
Prosecutor Edmore Mapope told the court that the four, together with other villagers who are still at large, intentionally and forcibly disturbed the peace security and order of the public by blocking Masvingo- Sipambi road with stones and tree branches
The group, some who were clad in party regalia, was complaining that transport operators had hiked bus fare from RTGS$4 to RTGS$6. The protestors demanded that motorist refund passengers RTGS$2.
Court heard that one of the transport operators, Trymore Mureyi was manhandled by the group before he was ordered to surrender his takings from one trip.
An irritated Mureyi made a police report and investigations led to the arrest of the four.