Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cops taking RTGS30 from applicants at Registrar General's offices

There is unabated rampant corruption at the Registrar General Offices from the police detail manning the place.

People who arrive early find themselves unable to be on the list of a daily limited number of applicants.

Our correspondent spoke to one of the applicants who was turned away Wednesday morning who said that he arrived at the offices at 3am and found less than 10 people waiting in line. However when a list was produced he discovered there were already over 150 names written. The offices were reportedly accepting only 50 applications daily.

When the prospective applicant asked where the people on the list where he was told that they had registered much earlier. A police officer then called him on the side and told him if he wanted better chances to be the on the top 50 of the list he should send mobile money of RTGS30 to a number supplied and then return again in 2 days as the following day's list was already full.

The RG's offices continue to be riddled with corruption despite efforts to rotate management. Any reports of corruption are not followed up and therefore people continue to be caught up in the corruption circle as they run out of options.