Monday, May 20, 2019

ED Ignores 2,6 million Voters in National Dialogue

MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa has said the Emmerson Mnangagwa led dialogue lacks credibility because it ignores the views of 2,6 million voters.
Said Chamisa:”Zimbabwe’s crisis is political.We have’nt had genuine and true political settlement since the days of Lancaster,Unity accord and GPA GNU.Deceptive, manipulative politics upon fake dialogue is the source of all our national discohesion.This breeds false, disputed and rigged processes.”
He added:”Ambassador Mbete added that “…the success of a national dialogue will have far reaching implications for the SADC region and beyond.” This is what we have always said that stolen elections have a negative impact on the welfare of all SADC citizens, they repulse investment.
His Excellency Mbete also said, “…if necessary for credibility, the leadership of Zimbabwe wishes to consider a facilitator from outside Zimbabwe, we as a region will be ready to propose names from the African Continent.”We’ve said this from day 1 and called for such a mediator.”
“We welcome the wise words by the South African Ambassador Mphakama Mbete. He said, “..the national dialogue must be inclusive and participatory and take into account the views of all Zimbabweans.”
We restate that dialogue can’t be credible when it ignores the views of 2,6m voters.”