Wednesday, May 29, 2019

ED instructs treasury to pay Didymus Mutasa's personal debts


President Emmerson Mnangagwa is allegedly to have recently instructed treasury to assist former cabinet minister Didymus Noel Edwin Mutasa in clearing his personal debts that he owes to various businesspersons and institutions a source in the Office of the President and Cabinet has alleged.

"Before officially coming back to the party, Cde Mutasa approached Number 1 and told him of the various issues affecting him and how he was not financially stable,"said the source. "He then requested for intervention since he was unable to service his debts.

"The report on our desk indicate that Number 1 then assured Mutasa that he will be well looked after as an elder of the party who defended the institution even during the height of onslaught by MDC and their Western allies. It is at that point that treasury was then instructed to handle Mutasa's financial portfolio and assist in servicing the debts."

Mutasa was dismissed from his ministerial post on 8 December 2014, at the same time that former Vice President Joice Mujuru and others allied with her lost their posts in the government and party.

In 2017, his two top-of-the-range vehicles and household property were attached over legal fees he owed lawyers who represented him.

He recently rejoined ZANU PF and was appointed advisor at the Chitepo School of Ideology.

Mutasa was popular for his ruthlessness as Minister in charge of State security.

At the height of succession battle between Mnangagwa and Mujuru, Mutasa is credited for calling for extermination of Professor Jonathan Moyo with gamatox,

"You were talking about the issue of weevils here. Way back we used to treat weevils by spraying gamatox (pesticide) and they would all die. Our weevils, if you know about them, which we are castigating now, please apply gamatox on them," said Mutasa.

Mnangagwa alleged gesture to Mutasa is seen as a way of the President to endear himself to some old guard who still believe in the leadership of Mutasa especially in Manicaland.