Wednesday, May 15, 2019

ED's fetish with Musicians; Promotes Fortune Chasi

The ZANU PF leader yesterday appointed his deputy of many years, Fortune Chasi to the position of Minister Of Energy.
The development has seen the current minister, Joram Gumbo being instantly booted out. It all comes at a time when the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, ZESA launched the country’s worst load shedding programs in the history of Zimbabwe. It also comes at a time when the fuel crisis reached critical levels with long winding queues running for nearly a year to date.
Unlike the unpopular Gumbo, Chasi, also known as “Chibabest,” is a social metal-magnet, a dancehall celebrity, and a lawyer. He has also been Mnangagwa’s blue-eyed boy for a while and once deputised him (Mnangagwa) at the Ministry of Justice during the Robert Mugabe days.
A citation says: Fortune Chasi is a dancehall and hip hop artist from Harare, Zimbabwe. He has done collaborations with a number of locals artists. He has recorded duets with Zimbabwean dancehall artists Killer T and Guspy Warrior. He collaborated with Guspy Warrior on a track called ‘Life Haizi Easy’ and teamed up with Killer T on a song called ‘Zimbabwe Ino’.
Meanwhile, UK based economist, Eunice Chipachini asked, “is this change going to bring frequent electricity and infrastructure improvements in the country?”