Wednesday, May 1, 2019

‘Faulty’ Air Zim plane back in the sky

The Air Zimbabwe plane that on Sunday developed a malfunction that resulted in a brief tail pipe fire is back in the sky after the national airliner said the fault has been addressed and there was nothing to fear.
There was a mid-air scare after the Boeing 767-200ER servicing flight UM462 (JNB/HRE) is said to have experienced a malfunction on one of its engines resulting in the brief spark.
Despite the scare, the plane proceeded to Harare and landed safely at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.
The incident had resulted in disruption of normal schedule.
Air Zimbabwe said it has completed investigations on the matter.
“We can report that there was an engine surge on the aircraft as a result of foreign object ingestion on the left engine at take-off. This resulted in some brief sparks on the tail pipe and not an actual fire and the sparks extinguished shortly afterwards,” the statement read in part.
“The pilot took all necessary precautions including all the parameters and concluded that there were no compromise or safety risks to the passengers and crew on board hence the decision to proceed to Robert Mugabe International Airport where the aircraft landed safely at 2035hrs.”
The statement said the left engine has been replaced and the plane will resume its flights Tuesday evening.