Sunday, May 12, 2019

Khupe is a leader of her own party not ours: Chamisa

Commenting on the Justice Mushore judgement that placed Thokozani Khupe in charge of the MDC party, Nelson Chamisa said that Khupe would be dealt with at the party’s upcoming congress in May.
Chamisa was speaking at an MDC event in Gweru on Friday.
He said Khupe was only welcome at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, the headquarters of the party, as a visitor.
Said Chamisa:
We went to elections as the MDC Alliance. Khupe went to elections with her party MDC Thokozani (MDC-T). It is unthinkable that she can now come to our party to take it over.
A man from next door cannot come to your house and take over your wife and start eating and staying inside.
So, Khupe is our sister, she can come to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, but only as a visitor. Her fate in MDC is on our agenda at the congress. That is where it will be decided, then we part ways formally.
On Saturday Thokozani Khupe announced that she had sent her lawyers to invite Chamisa’s MDC to dialogue in order to map a way forward following the High Court judgement. She, however, threatened that if her dialogue invitation is not accepted then she would use other legal ways.