Thursday, May 23, 2019

MDC to redefine the country’s economy trajectory with new economic blueprint

The opposition MDC has revealed that the party is set to launch a new economic document which is set to transform and redefine the country’s economy trajectory.
This was revealed by party national spokesperson Jacob Mafume at a presser held Wednesday at the party headquarters Morgan Richard Tsvangirai house in Harare.
Said Mafume:
“We are going to launch the “RELOAD” document, the new economic blueprint and framework that is going to reload this economy. It will reshape the country’s economy.
We have got the answers (to the country’s woes), we are the thinking party and we hold the brain trust of Zimbabwe. And as i highlighted earlier, we have successful economic planning ministers like Tapuwa Mashakada, successful former education minister David Coltart, successful former industry minister Welshman Ncube vying for posts, former Finance minister Tendai Biti and remember even our president, he was a former ICT minister where the sim card, that you used to buy using a cow became affordable and you could buy it using a dollar.
So we have people with the answers, we have people who provided the brain trust of Zimbabwe over the past two decades. And we have got the solution. We are going to put it in the reload document. It is a policy framework that is going to be the alternative framework that we are going to use to transform the economy from a dead economy to an economy that the international community and international business can engage in.
This is a document that we have been working with over time and the delegates will get time to interrogate it and allowed to look at it and it will set the framework for the economic recovery of the country.”