Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mystery surrounds sale of sacred mountain to Chinese firm

Traditional and political leaders in Domboshava, 18 kilometres out of Harare, have denied responsibility into the transaction that has seen more than 20 000 people on the verge of eviction to pave way for a Chinese mining company.
A Chinese company was reportedly granted rights to mine quarry in Domboshawa, a situation that has seen villagers up in arms against traditional leaders who they accuse of underhand dealings.
In separate interviews, villagers said they were in fear of being relocated and will not allow that.
“People are now hopeless. We were taken by surprise and the situation is now desperate. We belong here and we want to stay here,” one of the villagers said.
“We do not know who sold the place. We want to know who benefited and threw more than 20 000 lives in danger. We are almost homeless because of this deal.”
Chief Murape of the area however said he was not aware of anything related to traditional leaders’ involvement.
“I do not know anything about any transactions on the matter. This is a sacred place and you can’t just come and do as you wish. I did not sell this land, I have no authority to do that. My headmen are also not aware of this.”
Local Member of Parliament Energy Mutodi said there was need to reverse the project until a lot of questions are answered.