Wednesday, May 29, 2019

State of the Nation

A review of the security situation in the country shows several scenes of soldiers and police officers seen roaming the streets of Harare. The incidents are sparking fears and speculation of a coup, just as rumours went viral that ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has agreed to resign.

As at 7am Harare time, Wednesday, soldiers armed with AK rifles were seen roaming in the streets of Mufakose, Kuwadzana, Dzivarasekwa and other parts of the capital city. The last time there was such military presence was during the January 2019 state violence incidents during which Emmerson Mnangagwa’s in law relative, the former Deputy Finance Minister Terence Mukupe claimed there was a military attempt to remove Mnangagwa as state President.
This time and as of last week Friday, Mukupe had taken to Twitter to warn against a military plot.
“You can’t employ the same strategy twice. Good luck to you daydreamers. We will respond in kind,” Mukupe said.
He was referring to the 2017 coup which removed former President Robert Mugabe and got Mnangagwa into power.
Mukupe added to his tweet a looping video of the then coup spokesman, Major General Sibusiso Moyo speaking in a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) broadcast announcing the army’s intervention on November 15, 2017, saying : “The situation in our country has moved to another level.”
Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning there were several messages making claim that there was a coup happening. However, there was no comment obtained from the military spokesperson.