Thursday, May 9, 2019

Stop Corruption: China Tells ED

The Chinese government has advised the visiting ZANU PF delegates to that country, they must stop corruption and furthermore realise that power comes from the people.
The Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Mr. Song Tao said ZANU PF should instill stability in the country.
Tao said, “you should adhere to a people centred development approach, development is by the people for the people.
“We take people’s aspirations for a better life as the goal of the whole party.
“In development we have always adhered to reform and opening up. We want to emulate development through reform.
“We have to strike a balance between stability, reform and development. Without stability there is no development.”
Tao also said China is doing well because it inculcated the spirit of zero tolerance to corruption. He said, “We must have cadres that have professional competency, loyalty and responsibility to implement the right positions of the party.
“A party should cause institutional building to manage financial and personal affairs and keep the exercise of power within the cage of institutions.”