Friday, May 3, 2019

Zanu PF blams Zim crisis on sanctions, vows to crush Chamisa's planned demos

The ruling Zanu PF party has reacted angrily to threats by MDC- Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, to engage in massive demonstrations against the economic crisis, saying the party and government were alert to thwart all attempts to disturb peace.
Chamisa told scores of people during the Workers’ Day commemorations in Harare on Wednesday that the opposition party will not be silenced and will exercise its democratic right to peaceful protests.
Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo told journalists that Chamisa’s statement that were supported by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions leadership were reckless and a threat to peace and stability.
“The recent utterances by the MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa at an occasion meant to celebtrate Workers’ Day  when he announced intentions to cause mayhem and anarchy in the country through engaging in demonstrations were meant to affect peace and traquility in the country,” Khaya Moyo said.  
“This was also reinforced by ZCTU leadership at the same event. This is not taken lightly especially coming after the pronouncement by the Minister of Home Affairs, Ambassador Cain Mathema, which disclosed motives by regime change agents bent on making the country ungovernable,” he said.
He said the ruling party was aware of the opposition party’s modus operandi that they also used last year in August and this year in January where property was destroyed while some were killed during the protests.
“The ruling Zanu PF party wishes to inform the nation that this will not be tolerated and the state organs are taking measures to ensure peace and harmony prevail.”
He said the economic challenges in the country will not be solved by “misguided demonstrations” and blamed the crisis on sanctions inposed on Zimbabwe by the West.
Chamisa told workers that nothing will stop the opposition from engaging in peaceful protests.
"Your problems are our problems. We however have a problem that someone stole something from us but now they are having problems with the loot,” Chamisa said.

"Every struggle has stages, from demonstrations to stay-aways and the next levels in which we will get if things are not resolved. The Constitution is there, we have peaceful means and we are ready to pursue that."