Sunday, June 9, 2019

All systems go for the Bikita East ward 31 By-election as Chair Gumbi lead the Province on a campaign trail

ViewsAll systems go for the Bikita East  ward 31 By-election as Chair Gumbi lead the Province on a campaign trail

Despite the challenges being faced by the broader economy, Masvingo Provincial leadership has hit the campaign trail in Bikita East's ward 31. The determination and zeal to win the ward has been supported by the national leadership which was represented by the national Chair, organising Secretary and the youth assembly organising Secretary.

Rural areas have been problematic due to the level of intimidation by zanu PF. Despite the intimidation people attended the rally and were prepared to vote out Zanu PF in the ward come July as they did to Mnangagwa on the July 31st elections.

The SMART service delivery pledge by our aspiring councillor Mr Moses Maphosa who happens to be the district youth Chair is in sinc with people's expectations.

Despite the reform rhetoric by MR Mnangagwa the CIO continue to act in a partisan way as they tried in vain to block the MDC rally by changing the date of the rally. The leadership was determined to stage the rally and they exercised leadership by looking for an alternative venue at.
Despite CIOs who continued to intimidate would be rally attenders by moving around the rally venue with their cars, the rally was a huge success as the people ignored the partisan CIOs.

As the President pledged before congress that we shall stay in rural areas till the people in the rural areas are at par with urbanites in terms of the need for change the Gumbi led executive has just began to implement the President's plea.

The youth assembly members despite economic hardships promised to fund the campaign by contributing the little they have and also urged other party members from other wings to do so since the campaign needs money.


Yours Comradely

Cde Gore

Information and Publicity Secretary Masvingo Province, Youth Assembly.