Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Charged For Possessing 'too many' bond notes

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned the public against moving around with large amounts of money as they may fall prey to robbers.
This follows the flagging of a Kadoma man recently who was found in possession of RTGS$23 949.00. Said the police in a statement:
“Police in Kadoma has interviewed Mukarobwa Nyasha Godblessing for possibly Contravening Section 46 (1)(a) of the Finance Act, 2018 after he was found in possession of RTGS$23 940, 00 in suspicious circumstances in his Toyota Altezza vehicle.
He failed to give a satisfactory explanation for possessing such large sums of money. We reiterate our warning to members of the public to avoid carrying/keeping large sums of money in their premises/vehicles as they may fall victim to robbers.”