Monday, June 3, 2019

ED deploys military in latest coup scare

An internal ZRP memo dated the 31st May reveals that Emmerson Mnangagwa has deployed the military to use LIVE ammunition as from today. The lengthy document alleges that there is a coup being launched from the 3rd June, today. The opening paragraph blames the alleged “looming coup” on the MDC Alliance party.
Although a comment from State House was fruitless, in Zimbabwe only the President can deploy the military. The document is addressed to all wings of the Joint Operations Command.
In an interview Monday afternoon, the police spokesman Paul Nyathi disowned the state-security document while however declaring more than the ear can hear
Commissioner Nyathi said, “things to do with security as far as I am concerned, they cannot just be discussed in the public arena and above all, the maybe this source who gave you this document could be in a better position to shed more light.”
Are things normal though?,we asked and he replied saying, “as far as we are concerned police officers are doing their normal duties and police normal duties include conducting patrols, include conducting stop and searches, it includes ensuring that there is law and order in the country. So, this is what precisely police are doing and remember we have a constitutional mandate to ensure that we protect property, we preserve life, and above all there is security, in whatever members of the public will be doing.”