Sunday, June 23, 2019

Finance Minister deliberately misleading nation

Prominent social media analyst Antony Taruvinga has accused Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube of deliberately misleading the nation by claiming his policies have led to the reduction of prices of basic commodities.

“The price drop is not a result of the work of this Minister, this is a case of lack of forex.
Because of the high demand by traders of foreign currency, shops reduced the prices in US$ to lure customers to buy using the much needed foreign currency.
The Minister boasts about causing this reduction but doesn’t want to show you a sharp drop in income in US$ terms.
The average salary is US$50 per month. The Minister is afraid of telling you that. Even if the prices were to be reduced by 50%, people will not afford to purchase goods because there are no salaries to talk about.
Hon. Biti was correct about this Minister, there is a clear disconnection between the brains and the mouth,” said Taruvinga.