Wednesday, June 26, 2019

MDC Youth statement on police brutality against Kwekwe Polytechnic students

The MDC Youth Assembly is riled by the state repressive machinery, Riot Police’s use of chemical weapons on innocent and defenceless Kwekwe Poly students.
As an Assembly we strongly condemn such inhumane and barbaric practice which left one of the students, Tinashe Gwenzi battling for his life.
Use of chemical weapons on citizens is prohibited by the international law and is regarded as crimes against humanity.
As young leaders, we have a mandate to serve, save and safeguard fellow citizens from merchants of repression and destruction and as such we will not watch as state agents willy nilly trample on citizens rights.
We would like to warn the regime that a repeat of such barbaric acts on citizens will be met by equal resistance and force it deserves.
Never again can we allow an illegitimate regime to pull a Halabja or a Syrian moment on our defenseless brothers and sisters!
It is our take that the state should take full responsibility of Tinashe Gwenzi’s medical bills or else suffer the full wrath and retribution of angry young people of Zimbabwe.
As young social democrats, we will always stand in solidarity with the down trodden.
Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson