Monday, June 17, 2019

More than half a dozen in hiding in Gutu Central as CIO turns to its old partisan Zanu PF operations

The new dispensation is turning out to be old wine in a new bottle. The persecution of opposition members continue under the cover of darkness why the Republic's President prophesy ignorance by preaching rhetoric that Zimbabwe is open for business.

When Zimbabweans are living in fear how can foreigners invest in such a country can't protect its citizens.

People are being visited in the wee of the night in Gutu Central, their crime being their association with the popular MDC party.

Fearing for their life more than half a dozen have gone into hiding fearing victimisation, abductions, maiming. One of the seven who went into hiding was injured his leg as he run for his dear life after the CIO visited his homestead whilst he was bathing.

His wife tried in vain that his husband wasn't around, but the partisan intelligence officers rather torn down President Chamisa's pictures which were in the house and went on to threaten the wife to dump the MDC which she flatly refused insisting her support was unconditional and she won't be moved by overzealous people overstepping their constitutional mandate.

The MDC leaders who have gone into hiding in Gutu Central are Sidojiwe Svondo, Edward Chagonda,  Fungai Zikumva, Langton Guvava ,Lloyd Mupfudze P Zeka, mamombe, T

Cde Gore

MDC Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Masvingo Province, Youth Assembly