Friday, June 21, 2019

Mthuli Ncube not thinking about the suffering public: Lumumba

In a veiled attack on Ncube, Mutumanje said, “Daily Zimbabweans have a conversation about how bad things are (except Mthuli, that one he thinks nothing is wrong).” Self-styled communications strategists William Gerald Mutumanje says Mthuli Ncube is a person who does not think about the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.

In his usual sarcastic manner, Mutumanje said the people of Zimbabwe must remove the problem (Dambudzo which is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s second name). ” Daily Zimbabweans need to have a conversation about removing the problem. Removing the problem is NOT the solution, it’s simply removing the problem, we doubt our power!”

Recently Mutumanje warned Mnangagwa that if he continues destroying the country he will go like how Mugabe went.

“This doesn’t end well, izvi ndati hazviperi mushe! Never forget Mugabe was a bigger boy (a global big boy)- but akaenda handiti? Ndukubvunza dairai class? Akaenda handiti?”