Friday, August 2, 2019

Dambudzo Regime Does Not Value Human Life

One Year Later, the struggle for the Zimbabwe we want continues unabated.
Today marks a sad one year commemoration of the brutal, callous and devilishly senseless murder seven civilians in cold blood, all in a bid supress fundamental rights by the Dambudzo regime.

That these murders happened in broad daylight and in the full glare of the media says a lot about a regime with no regard to human life and will go to unimaginable lengths for the sake power retention.
The young people who took into the streets that fateful day were nothing more than a hopeful generation exercising their Constitutional rights to peacefully demonstrate and express themselves. They were young people fed up with the plunderers of our national wealth who were already in the process of stealing their voices again, voices loudly made in the voting booth.
Today a year later, no one has been held to account for those has been held to account for the killings. The regime has in fact wasted millions of dollars in a brazen attempt to cover up using the compromised and captured Motlante Commission.
Today exactly a year later, the same evil system young people were demonstrating is not only still here with us but has even gotten more ruthless, clueless and cruel. Twice the number was killed in January, human rights defenders continue to be frequent inhabitants of police cells on flimsy charges while the military thinks abductions are their chief role.
Today we are still as determined as we always have been to remove the illegitimate cabal that some opt to call a government and restore our great Zimbabwe to its former glory, by all means neccesary.
August 1 2018 should never be repeated, Zimbabwe should, must, can and shall be liberated and a New Zimbabwe shall be born where each of us including military shall know our place in democracy and civilian politics shall lead the gun not the current status quo.
May the innocent souls who perished on August 1 2018 rest in Power and may we ALL not find rest until their lives are accounted for through the completion of the STRUGGLE for Democratization.
Zimbabwe Shall Be Free.
Mayibuye Zimbabwe
In the name of the Revolution
Happymore Chidziva Leader Cde Bvondo.
MDC National Deputy Organizing Secretary