Monday, September 2, 2019

ED Loots Over $5 Billion from RBZ Soon After 'November 2017 Coup'

ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly pulled USD5,9 billion out of the government coffers and the money disappeared without a trace, it has emerged.

All this happened within 4 months of removing former President Robert Mugabe (Nov 2017).
Former Finance Minister and current chairman of the portfolio on the Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee, Tendai Biti made the revelations in Glen View on Sunday.
He was speaking while curtain-raising for his boss, Nelson Chamisa.
Said Biti, “Cde President these people steal.
“I sit in the Parliamentary portfolio for public accounts. I have never seen this kind of theft. Mnangagwa and his people there is somewhere where they actually go and beer is brewed for them, and they are told to go and steal lions. I have never seen this kind of theft.
“On the 27th December 2017 one month after the coup, USD2.7 suddenly came direct from the ministry of finance; where it went is not known and there is neither a voucher for it, there is not a single statement for it.
” 3 months later, in March 2018, 3.2 billion dollars was siphoned from the ministry of finance, there is no voucher, there is no invoice, neither is there any paper trail, there is nothing you can put a finger to show where it went.
“The money has disappeared.
“Cde President, we grew up being taught there is a thief called Mobutu Seseseko. ZANU PF has redefined Mobutu Seseism; if Mobutu was a thief, he was just a pastor. The Bishop, the ArchAngel is this one you call Mnangagwa here. These people steal.
“So Cde President, we have a duty to lead,” concluded Biti.
While efforts to obtain a comment from Emmerson Mnangagwa administration, the “revelations” are not new.  They have been the subject of parliamentary portfolio discussions in recent weeks and the latest one was last week.