Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Govt Rushes To Integrate The 2 Percent Tax In Their Finance Act

It appears the High Court ruling that nullified the two percent intermediated tax introduced by government last could have been overtaken by events amid indications that the policy had already been integrated into the Amended Finance Act.
Civic activist Mfundo Mlilo approached the High Court seeking to stop government from deducting two percent on every electronic transaction and Justice Ndou delivered positive results nullifying the measure.
While legal gurus have not yet provided information on the effect of the High Court ruling, Zanu PF aligned social media trolls are already celebrating this discovery that the ruling could be nullity as the Finance Act still stands.
In an interview with an online news platform, Mlilo’s lawyer, Tendai Biti said;
“They (government) were clever because they had also inserted the new tax into the Finance Act. But they did not repeal Statutory Instrument (SI)205/2018 also known as the Finance (Rate and Incidence of Intermediated Money Transfer Tax) Regulations,” Biti said in an interview with
“What this means us that the tax will remain in place until the Finance Act is repealed. We will study the judgment and as lawyers move on from there.”
Biti added: “The Act will be their defence to say this was included in the Finance Act.”