Saturday, September 28, 2019

VP Chiwenga to remain in China for several more months - Family

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is now surviving on liquids only a weekly paper Zimbabwe Independent has reported.
Quoting family sources, the paper said the feared General was now on the road to full recovery and could now walk and do certain exercises.
“The operations were very successful and he is in a better condition although he will stay in Beijing for several months. He still can’t eat solid food but is now able to take liquids like water. There has been a massive improvement. He has also gained weight and is now weighing about 80 kilogrammes from about 50kgs when he was taken to China,” the paper reported.
The paper further added that Chiwenga would remain in China for several months before he is allowed to come back to Zimbabwe.
“He is also now able to walk, which is very positive. He is now surrounded by several family members, including his son. He will now remain in China for several more months and will come when he is in a better condition,” another source was quoted saying.
General Chiwenga revealed that he got sick during the November 2017 coup that ended 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s iron rule.
In 2018 General Chiwenga said his disease was a result of a rare disease that attacked him,”Let me say this since the media are here. During Operation Restore Legacy, I was with General Sibanda, he is a great man as you see him, I also called  Matanga. Unfortunately, I fell very sick, while in their company,” he said. “This is what caused my sickness to the extent of having a light skin. I was affected all over the body, and the papers said I am applying a skin-lightening cream.”